For me, being healthy meant dealing with the emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues related to cancer as well as undergoing the physical treatments.  In addition to the various conventional and alternative therapies that I pursued, writing became an important part of my own healing journey with cancer.  To be able to express my emotions, thoughts, and beliefs in writing was critically important for my own overall health.

These pamphlets grew from the numerous notes that I wrote every day in my healing journal.  The information that is available for newly diagnosed cancer patients can sometimes be overwhelming.  It was my intention, therefore, to write short pamphlets concerning various topics that deal with the practical issues of living each day with cancer.  I hope that these pamphlets will encourage discussion of topics that are often difficult yet necessary to deal with and to help cancer patients and their families make the numerous decisions that need to be made during this time.

Healing is a very personal issue and each person must find his or her own path to healing from cancer.  To this day, I continue to focus on my health each day, to live a full active life as a mother and wife, and to pursue a new career as a writer despite cancer.  It is my hope that these pamphlets will be useful for others seeking out a healing journey while living with cancer and beyond.

The following is a list of the pamphlets I have written:

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